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Here you can find a list of recent publications made within the Agile projects. You can view the published papers by clicking the  document icons. The accepted papers will be added to this page as soon as they have been presented.

Publications 2008:

Marchenko, A., & Abrahamsson, P. (2008). Scrum in a Multiproject Environment: An Ethnographically-Inspired Case Study on the Adoption Challenges, Agile 2008, Toronto, Canada, IEEE Computer Society. (to appear)

Dingsøyr, T., Dybå, T., & Abrahamsson, P. (2008). A Preliminary Roadmap for Research on Agile Software Development, Agile 2008, Toronto, Canada, IEEE Computer Society. (to appear)

Välimäki, A. & Kääriäinen, J: Patterns for Distributed Agile Project Management – a Case Study. Published in International Conference on Interoperability of Enterprise, Software and Applications. Berlin, German. March 25th – 28th 2008. Enterprise Interoperability III - New Challenges and Industrial Approaches. Mertins K., Ruggaber R., Popplewell K., Xu X., (Eds). Springer (2008), 85 - 97 (conference).

Salo, O. & Abrahamsson, P: Agile methods in European embedded software development organizations: a survey study of Extreme Programming and Scrum. Published in IET Software, 2008, 2, (1), pp. 58-64 (journal).

Pikkarainen, M & Mc-Caffery, F & Richardson, I: Agile Hybrid assessment model for safety critical automotive industries. Accepted to be published in ICSE 2008 (conference).

Pikkarainen, M. Haikara, J. Salo, O & Abrahamsson, P: The Impact of Agile Practices on Communication in Software Development. Accepted to be published in Empirical Software Engineering (journal).

Publications 2007:

Moser, R., Abrahamsson, P., Sillitti, A., & Succi, G.. A case study on the impact of refactoring on quality and productivity in an agile team. Published in CEE-SET 2007, the Central and East-European Conference on Software Engineering Techniques (conference).

Münch, J., & Abrahamsson, P. (eds.) (2007). Published in PROFES 2007, LNCS 4589. (Product-Focused Software Process Improvement, 8th International Conference, Profes 2007, Riga, Latvia, July 2007, Proceedings) Book (Ed.).

Abrahamsson, P., Baddoo, N., Margaria, T., & Messnarz, R. (eds.) (2007). Published in EuroSPI 2007, Pottsdam, Germany, Proceedings, Springer, LNCS, 2007 (to appear) Book(Ed.).

Abrahamsson, P. & Salo, O: Agile wind is blowing in software engineering (in Finnish). Published in Systeemityö -lehti (non-refereed journal for ICT people in Finland) 12/2007.

Siniaalto, M. & Abrahamsson, P: Comparative Case Study on the Effect of  Test-Driven Development on Program Design and Test Coverage. Published in ESEM 2007 (conference paper).

Haikara, J: Usability in Agile Software Development: Extending the Interaction Design Process with Personas Approach. Published in XP 2007, Como, Italy (conference).

Korkala, M. & Abrahamsson, P: Communication in Distributed Agile Development: A Case Study. Published in EUROMICRO 2007 (conference).

Wang, X. & Pikkarainen, M: Agile Practices in Use from an Innovation Assimilation Perspective: a Multiple Case Study. Published in ICIS 2007 (conference).

Siniaalto, M. & Abrahamsson, P: Does TDD Improve the Program Core? Alarming Results from a Comparative Case Study. Published in CEET-ST 2007 (conference).

Salo, O., Abrahamsson, P. An Iterative Improvement Approach for Agile Development: Implications from multiple case study, Software Process: Improvement and Practice Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 81-100, January/February 2007.

linkSalo, O: Enabling Software Process Improvement in Agile Software Development Teams and Organisations. PhD Thesis. University of Oulu, 2007.

Publications 2006:

linkSalo, O., Jaring, P. & Abrahamsson, P. (eds.) (2006) The 7th International Conference on eXtreme Programming and Agile Processes in Software Engineering: Tutorials, Workshops, Activities and Keynote Speeches, XP 2006, Oulu, Finland. VTT Symposium Proceedings.

linkPikkarainen, M., Mäntyniemi, A. (2006) An approach Using CMMI in Agile Software Development Assessments: Experiences from Three Case Studies. In Proceedings of the SPICE 2006.

Pikkarainen, M. & Salo, O. (2006) A Practical Approach for Deploying Agile Methods. The 7th International Conference on eXtreme Programming and Agile Processes in Software Engineering (XP 2006), Oulu, Finland.

Komulainen, K. (2006). Impact of Agile Software Development on Software Development Organization. Master's thesis, University of Oulu, Department of Information Processing Science.

Haikara, J. (2006). Extending the Interaction Design Process of an Agile Software Development Method with Personas Approach. Master's thesis, University of Oulu, Department of Information Processing Science.

Kulmunki, M. (2006). Agile Software Development — Case Study: Product Simulations Within Embedded Software Environment. Master's thesis, University of Oulu, Department of Electrical and Information Engineering.

Siniaalto, M. (2006). Impact of Test Driven Development on Design Quality. Master's thesis, University of Oulu, Department of Electrical and Information Engineering.

Publications 2005:

Ihme, T. and Abrahamsson, P. 2005. "Agile Architecting: The Use of Architectural Patterns in Mobile Java Applications," IJAM, 8(2):97-112.

linkIhme, T. and Abrahamsson, P. 2005. "The Use of Architectural Patterns in the Agile Software Development of Mobile Applications," ICAM 2005, H. Andersin, E. Niemi, and V. Hirvonen, Editors Otaniemi, Finland: Helsinki University of Technology, pp. 155-162.

linkHulkko, H., & Abrahamsson, P. (2005). A Multiple Case Study on the Impact of Pair Programming on Product Quality,International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE27), St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

linkKeränen, H., & Abrahamsson, P. (2005) A Case Study on Naked Objects in Agile Software Development, XP 2005, Sheffield University, UK.

linkKeränen, H., & Abrahamsson, P. (2005) Naked Objects versus Traditional Mobile Platform Development: A comparative case study. Euromicro 2005, Portugal

linkAbrahamsson, P., Hanhineva, A., & Jäälinoja, J. (2005) Improving business agility through technical solutions: A case study on test-driven development in mobile software development, Business Agility and Information Technology Diffusion, R. Baskerville, L. Mathiassen, J. Pries-Heje, and J. I. DeGross (Eds.), Boston: Springer, 2005.

link Pikkarainen, M., Salo, O. & Still, J. (2005). Deploying Agile Practices in Organizations: A Case Study. In: European Software Process Improvement and Innovation (EuroSPI 2005), 9-11  November, 2005, Budapest, Hungary.

link Salo, O. & Abrahamsson, P. (2005). Integrating Agile Softwrae Development and Software Process Improvement: a Longitudinal Case Study. In: 4th International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering (ISESE 2005), 17-18 November, 2005, Noosa Heads, Australia.

link Salo, O. (2005) Systematical Validation of Learning in Agile Software Development Environment. In: 7th Workshop on Learning Software Organizations (LSO 2005), 2005, Kaiserslautern, Germany

link  Pikkarainen, M. and Passoja, U. "An Approach for Assessing Suitability of Agile Solutions:A Case Study" The Sixth International Conference on Extreme Programming and Agile Processes in Software Engineering, Sheffield University, UK, 2005

link  Pikkarainen, M., Tanner, H. Abrahamsson, P. Levonmaa, M. Lehtinen, J. Hyry, H.  An Empirical Evaluation of the Process Workshop Approach. International Conference on Software Development, May 27 - June 1, 2005, Reykjavik, Iceland

Kyllönen, P. (2005) A Framework for Managing Agile Projects. Master's thesis, University of Oulu, Department of Information Processing Science.

Publications 2004:

link  Koskela, J. & Abrahamsson, P. (2004) On-Site Customer in an XP Project: Empirical Results from a Case Study. In: EuroSPI 2004, Trondheim, Norway.

link Jokela, T. & Abrahamsson, P. (2004) Usability assessment of an Extreme Programming Project: Close Co-Operation with the Customer Does Not Equal to Good Usability. In PROFES 2004, Keihanna-Plaza, Kansai Science City, Japan.

Korkala, M., & Abrahamsson, P. (2004). Extreme Programming: Reassessing the Requirements Management Process for an Offsite Customer, EuroSPI 2004, Trondheim, Norway.

linkAbrahamsson, P., Hanhineva, A., Hulkko, H., Ihme, T., Jäälinoja, J., Korkala, M., Koskela, J., Kyllönen, P., Salo, O. (2004) MobileD: An Agile Approach for Mobile Application Development. In: OOPSLA 2004, Canada.

linkAbrahamsson, P. & Koskela, J. (2004) Extreme Programming: A Survey of Empirical Data from a Controlled Case Study. In ACM-IEEE International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering (ISESE 2004), Redondo Beach, CA, USA, 2004.

linkSalo, O. (2004) Improving Software Process in Agile Software Development Projects: Results from Two XP Case Studies. In: EUROMICRO 2004, France.

linkKääriäinen, J., Koskela, J., Abrahamsson, P., Takalo, J. (2004) Improving Requirements Management in Extreme Programming with Tool Support - An Improvement Attempt that Failed. In: EUROMICRO 2004, France.

Hanhineva, A. (2004). Test Driven Development in Mobile Java Environment. Master's thesis, University of Oulu, Department of Information Processing Science.

Hulkko, H. (2004). Pair programming and its impact on software quality. Master's thesis, University of Oulu, Department of Electrical and Information Engineering.

linkSalo, O. & Abrahamsson P. (2004) Empirical Evaluation of Agile Software Development: The Controlled Case Study Approach. In:  PROFES 2004, Japan.

linkSalo, O., Kolehmainen, K., Kyllönen, P., Löthman, J., Salmijärvi, S., Abrahamsson, P. (2004) Self-Adaptability of Agile Software Processes: A Case Study on Post-Iteration Workhops. In: XP 2004, Germany.

Publications 2003:

linkAbrahamsson, P., Warsta, J., Siponen, M.T., & Ronkainen, J. (2003) New Directions on Agile Methods: A Comparative Analysis. In: ICSE 2003, USA.

linkAbrahamsson, P. (2003) Extreme programming: First results from a controlled case study. In Euromicro 2003, Antalya, Turkey, 2003.

linkRonkainen, J. & Abrahamsson, P. (2003) Software Development Under Stringent Hardware Constraints: Do Agile Methods Have a Chance? In: XP 2003, Italy.

linkWarsta, J. & Abrahamsson, P. (2003) Is Open Source Software Development Essentially an Agile Method? In 3rd Workshop on Open Source Software Engineering, Portland, Oregon, USA.

linkKoskela, J. (2003) Software configuration management in agile methods. Espoo, VTT Electronics, 2003. 54 p. VTT Publications; 514

Koskela, J., Kääriäinen, J., & Takalo, J. (2003) Improving Software Configuration Management for Extreme Programming: A Controlled Case Study. In European Software Process Improvement, EuroSPI'2003, Graz, Austria, 2003.

Publications 2002:

linkAbrahamsson, P., Salo, O., Ronkainen, J., & Warsta, J. (2002). Agile Software Development Methods: Review and Analysis. VTT Publications 478, 2002.

Koskela, J. (2002). Software Configuration Management Support for Extreme Programming. Master's thesis, University of Oulu, Department of Information Processing Science.