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Mobile-D is an agile approach for mobile application development which has been developed in co-operation with three mobile software companies. Mobile-D has been succesfully evaluated against the CMMI level 2 certification, and is continuously further elaborated and validated in ongoing case studies at VTT.

Mobile-D is based on Extreme Programming (practices), Crystal Methodologies (scalability) and Rational Unified Process (coverage). It is founded upon the following nine principal elements:

  • Phasing and pacing
    The projects are performed in iterations of which each begins with a Planning Day

  • Architecture Line
    Architecture line approach is utilized together with architectural patterns and Agile Modeling

  • Mobile Test Driven Development
    Test-first approach is utilized together with automated test cases

  • Continuous Integration
    Effective SCM practices are applied through multiple means

  • Pair Programming
    Coding, testing and refactoring are carried out in pairs

  • Metrics
    Few essential metrics are collected rigorously and utilized for feedback and process improvement purposes

  • Agile Software Process Improvement
    Post-Iteration workshops are used to continuously improve the development process

  • Off-Site Customer
    Customer participates in Planning and Release Days

  • User-Centered Focus
    Emphasis is placed on identifying and fulfilling end-user needs

2.11.2004: Mobile-D presented in OOPSLA'04 conference